I’m Raina Lynn, an actress working and living in Chicago.


Raina Lynn, born Gabrielle Renata McCoy, was raised in Chicago. She attended The University of Chicago Laboratory Schools where she truly experienced the stage for the first time. Her first love was dance and Bryant Ballet was like a second home. She would later practice modern, jazz & hip hop. However, a dream and passion for acting was developing. As a teen she participated in the local Illinois pageant taking home 1st runner up for Miss Photogenic which qualified her to attend and represent her state at the Teen USA pageant. This would later lead to her competing in the IMTA talent competition in NYC. There she took home 2nd runner up in the teen cold read competition, a scholarship to the Tish School of the Arts, and several film offers. Knowing there are no guarantees in showbiz, she left all this behind and decided to attend Duke University and pursue a degree in Political Science, with the ultimate goal of being a dope entertainment lawyer. But that wasn’t good enough, because her heart would be forever entangled with the desire to perform full time. After a long diversion she has finally taken the leap and is excited to journey down her new path. As Raina likes to say,

"Change is constant, and while on the journey to your destiny, diversions are sure to come. Take time to enjoy them and learn life's lessons. It's all part of your path. " - Raina Lynn


Raina has talent, but what makes her unique? Undoubtedly her life experiences. Growing up in a single parent house hold in the hoods of Chicago while attending some of the nations best schools, has afforded her a perspective on life that many don’t encounter. Her short but varied stint in corporate life , to living in the south, moving to the east coast, across to Indiana, then back home all add depth to her life. In each place there are many stories and personalities that she has come across, all of which provide for greater understanding of characters that resemble and are totally unlike herself. Raina’s worldly experiences help her to stand out, as she has encountered quite a range of life’s cliffs, valleys, and unexpected curve balls at such a young age. Above it all she is deeply passionate, a goof ball at heart, but is a professional who works hard. She’s that confident and sophisticated, yet easy going "girl next door" you want to know.


When not working on the craft or performing, she enjoys traveling, long walks on Lake Shore Drive, hiking, hanging with her bird and dancing. It’s been a while since she’s had on her pointe shoes and plans to pick up a new skill with ball room dance and maybe even a little pole. For fitness of course. She also is an amazing cook and has become a gluten free enthusiast. She enjoys whipping up allergy free yet delicious meals at home. She hopes to one day share these treats with others who need them most.